Overview — 2 Simple Steps!

The following process will work for all BEP multi-chain enabled tokens.

If your token’s project has not yet enabled their BEP-20 matching token, reach out to their team and let them know you want them to enable support for Binance Smart Chain

The BEP2 token-teams can follow this simple guide to get a BEP-20 token setup and bridge them together, allow them to harness the power of smart contracts on BSC!

The following process will work for all BEP multi-chain enabled tokens.

If your token’s project has not yet enabled their BEP-20 matching token, reach out to their team and…

Hello Nagaswap Protocol Community,

With the recent introduction of Anteres Governance (Token safe price), We are extremely excited to introduce our 1st launch farming and Staking in Nagaswap.org As the first product in Nagaswap Protocol to be registered under the Bep20, Antertes Governance is a strong advocator of blockchain technology, democracy to help an owner exercise your voting rights Today we are excited to announce the last update the launch of the 1st BNG (Anterres Governance) with Nagaswap Protocol to reward all the Nagaswap Token users, BNW holders, BNG holders in farming/ staking, and soon-to-be go to future holders. More…

Little different. Inspired by the creativity of our community, we prepared 20,000 Naga-token exclusive Anteres Governance. Here is what it looks like. This is the token used to vote for IDO on Naga DEX.

Do you think they’re just voting? No, they’re not only voting but also real uses that can be delivered to you.

Now let’s see how the Anteres Governance IDO works.

We will launch a project named Anteres Governance Project: Anteres Governance Ticker: BNG We will issue 20,000 BNG, 1 BNG can be minted into 1 vote, and 1 BNG can be converted to decide which projects…

✳️Activity Campaign: 15 days [5 February-20 February]

🔰Participate Rules:

1️⃣No other abusual talk without Nagaswap Project.

2️⃣You can ask any question or any suggestions in our community.

3️⃣You must be polite with others.

4️⃣Use only English Language.

⚠️Admins have all right to make any rules and delete any rules.

Reward Pool: 200$

Winner 10 person per week.

✳️Meme Campaign: 15 Days [5 February-20 February]

HAPPY FARM “ MMG” is a superb farming game from NAGASWAP Protocol. I bet this would be your favorite game in case you love a green lifestyle. In this game, you have one big but simple mission i.e. to create a huge farm, plant the best crops, breed healthy animals, sell your produce, earn profits and be the richest farmer in the world. Therefore, your success is determined by how well you select the crops and animal breeds and your marketing skills. The game immerses you in the world of true economic farming cycle. Be sure to compete with farmers…


Date : 5 December (20:00 GMT+8)
Lasting 2 days
Max supply: 20M
Base Price: 1 BNB = 750 BNW
Blocked 60 days

Date : 12 December (20:00 GMT+8)
Lasting 2 days
Max supply: 30M
Base Price: 1 BNB = 500 BNW
Blocked 30 days

Date : 19 December (20:00 GMT+8)
Lasting 2 days
Max supply: 50M
Base Price: 1 BNB = 375 BNW

Step 1: Access to the website https://sale.nagaswap.org

Step 2: Choose “Connect Wallet”

Step 3: Choose “Trust” Wallet.


Abstract: We introduce Nagaswap Protocol, a collision and front-running resistant decentralized exchange protocol on Binance Smart Chain that integrates verifiable delay functions (VDF) as a proof-of-elapsed-time to resolve same-block order conflicts while preventing front-running attacks. Our proposal is the only decentralized exchange protocol that is fully trustless, publicly verifiable, resolvable, liquidity neutral, and front-running resistant.

1. Introduction

This is the summer of DeFi. We’ve seen the release and growth of hundreds of projects in the space, which together have created a more powerful DeFi network; clean, intuitive interfaces; and an explosion in locked value. …


Swappin’ Naga on Binance Smart Chain The Perfect democratized DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain

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