Limited exclusive Anteres Governance

2 min readMar 27, 2021


Little different. Inspired by the creativity of our community, we prepared 20,000 Naga-token exclusive Anteres Governance. Here is what it looks like. This is the token used to vote for IDO on Naga DEX.

Do you think they’re just voting? No, they’re not only voting but also real uses that can be delivered to you.

Now let’s see how the Anteres Governance IDO works.

We will launch a project named Anteres Governance
Project: Anteres Governance
Ticker: BNG
We will issue 20,000 BNG, 1 BNG can be minted into 1 vote, and 1 BNG can be converted to decide which projects can be IDO on NAGA DEX.

BNG will be listed on PANCAKESWAP exchange, NAGASWAP for trading and liquidity farming in NAGASWAP.ORG

Do you think that’s all? No!

We want to call it NFT tokenization and NFT realization, with NFT+DeFi mechanism, around which we will have more to deliver to our community. Stay tuned…

About Anteres Governance

Token name: Anteres Governance

Symbol: BNG

Total supply: 1,000,000 BNG

Circulating Supply: 20,000 BNG

Price: 1 BNG = 1 BUSD


Q: Will all the tokens be distributed?

A: Yes, 100% of the tokens will be distributed. Tokens not sold just mint.

Q: How can I mint the Anteres Governance token?

A: It will be in the Tokennomic Farming + staking 80%, 2% add liquidity, 6% airdrop and marketing, 12% mining by Nagatoken.

Q: Ok, now that I have BNG the will I still be able to trade it?

A: Yes, you will be able to trade the BNG in our BNG supermarket PANCAKESWAP, NAGASWAP.

Q: How can I get use BNG to vote?

A: You can view the projects registered in the IDO section and vote. The number of votes you hold will be percentage proportional to the total number of tokens out of the market

The sold IDOs will give priority to the holder that own BNG and BNW.




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