Hey folks!We are with some new contest.This is our first week contest #Contest_week_1.

✳️Activity Campaign: 15 days [5 February-20 February]

🔰Participate Rules:

1️⃣No other abusual talk without Nagaswap Project.

2️⃣You can ask any question or any suggestions in our community.

3️⃣You must be polite with others.

4️⃣Use only English Language.

⚠️Admins have all right to make any rules and delete any rules.

Reward Pool: 200$

Winner 10 person per week.

✳️Meme Campaign: 15 Days [5 February-20 February]

1️⃣Make some creative meme and post it in twitter with written #Nagaswap #BNW #BSC #Meme_Challenge.

2️⃣Admin Will choose the best 5 creative meme.

Reward pool: 100$.

✳️Sticker Contest: 15 days [5 February-20 February]

1️⃣Make creative stickers for us.

2️⃣We will choose the best 4 creative sticker pack.

Reward Pool: 100$

💠Visit our Website :https://nagaswap.org

💠Follow our Twitter and tag 3 friend :https://twitter.com/SwapNaga

💠Follow our Medium :https://nagaswap.medium.com/

💠Join our Telegram channel :https://t.me/NAGASWAP



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